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Dave Patel
Published by: Dave Patel on 26-May-20
Is It Cold Enough For You and an Era of Debutants

Live from the Anything Goes program, held daily at 1:00 pm ET at the Worldprofit Live Business Center. Join in at for discussions always about Making Money then Anything Goes!

Today a whole gamut of topics were covered from Christmas Eve to Hypothermia and on to Dr. Lant's new book and his part in another era of debutants

Dr. Jeffrey Lant's articles: "O Little Town… Christmas comes to Cambridge, Massachusetts, December 25, 2011. 12:54 a.m. 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Winds W-NW 8 miles per hour." and "4:15 a.m., 14.7 degrees Fahrenheit, light snow falling." were read.

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